Business Law

Mollis & Mollis, Inc. represents businesses and individuals throughout California in a wide range of corporate transactions, including entity formation, contracts and business transactions, and business succession planning.

Business Formation

When starting a new business, one of the most important decisions to make is what type of business entity to form.  The type of entity selected will have an impact on the tax treatment and potential exposure to legal liability for both the entity itself and the principals of the business.  Our attorneys advise clients on the best choice of entity for their specific needs and assist in the formation of the new entity, including filing any necessary documents with the California Secretary of State.  Some of the types of entities we assist clients in forming include:

  • Partnerships (including general, limited partnerships and limited liability partnerships)
  • Corporations (including S corporations and C corporations)
  • Limited Liability Companies

Our attorneys have particular expertise in structuring multi-tiered corporate entities to help businesses protect their assets while limiting operational risks.  We also assist clients with preparing accompanying documents such as articles of incorporation, stock certificates, bylaws, and operating agreements.

Business Transactions

Our attorneys have the experience to protect our client’s interests in transactions. We know how to draft contracts, and apply our tax knowledge and negotiation expertise to make certain that transactions make financial sense for a company.

Succession Planning

Without proper advance planning, the retirement, departure, or death of a person playing a key role in a business can ultimately lead to the demise a business.  By planning ahead for these contingencies, a business can limit the disruption of normal operations and ensure a smooth transition.  Our attorneys assist businesses and business owners by addressing potential officer exit strategies; restructuring corporate entities; assisting with the sale, transfer, or disposition of assets or business interests; advising on tax consequences; and helping to shift corporate responsibilities and preserve goodwill.